We have a 100% Approval record and work to the highest standards of writing  for the O and P visa applications.

As immigrants to the United States, we understand the issues that foreign nationals encounter when crossing the border, applying for visas, organizing a tour, finding employment in a new country and relocating.  It is a stressful time in your life and having your visa matters go smoothly is extremely important.

We also realize that many foreign born actors and other artists have not yet won an Academy award or Grammy award.  We know how to use other evidence to qualify you for an entertainment visa.  We work one on one with our clients.  You are never passed off to a paralegal or secretary to prepare your case.


We are where you want to be.  We know how to get here.  We have personal experience in the immigration process and the entertainment industry.  We understand your logistical requirements as well as your legal requirements.

We know how to navigate the complex artist visa requirements.  We know how to quickly and effectively obtain union consultation letters prior to submitting your O-1 visa application to USCIS.  We understand the types of documentation you will have and what to ask you for.

We will help you get you get organized and analyze your credentials.

We will advise you on how to make your application stronger.  We will develop and implement a thorough plan for accomplishing your immigration goals.

There are two types of US Visas designated for artists. The O Visa, which is a  nonimmigrant visa is for individuals who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, or who has a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry; and the P Visa, which applies to those foreign nationals who are coming to the United States temporarily to perform with or is an integral part of an entertainment group that is internationally recognized as outstanding for a sustained and substantial period of time.

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You can enter the U.S. and accept employment in a position which requires people of extraordinary ability.

You do not have to maintain a foreign residence and show intent to return to your home country while applying for the visa.

Your dependents can stay with you as long as you maintain your O1 status. They can also attend school.

You can freely travel in and out of the U.S. provided you have a valid visa.



Your dependents can stay with you as long as you maintain your P1 status. They can also attend school.

You can freely travel in and out of the U.S. provided you have a valid visa.

Click here to find out HOW TO GET AN “O” VISA


Click here to find out HOW TO GET AN “P” VISA

avatarThe O1B visa is a rare visa and not many standard immigration lawyers are familiar with this visa, hence they don’t know where to start. Luckily D’ Alessio Law Group specialize in this particular visa. First they make sure you qualify for this extraordinary visa and then they give you a detailed checklist in what is needed to build the best case possible. Through their guidance and help I was able to obtain my O1B visa and now I’m in NYC thanks to them. It was a pleasure working with them and will work with them again when I renew my visa!

Steven Nguyen - Actor/Model
avatarI had the pleasure of working with D'Alessio Law Group and I couldn’t have had a better experience. I had a great support, assistance and successful result for my case. Everyone was extremely helpful and courteous and they were always ready to answer any questions I would have at anytime. I would highly recommend D'Alessio Law Group. I am very grateful for the wonderful process I had. Thank you!!!

Marilla Colturato - Actress
avatarKnowledge is confidence. D’Alessio Law Group knew all the answers to my many detailed questions, creating confidence for the entire process

Norman Yeung - Actor
avatarLorraine was amazing in helping me get my O1 visa. More than caring about her job Lorraine really cares about her clients and when I encountered obstacles to my getting a visa she not only stuck it out with me but was also more than helpful in solving the problems. Some people work at keeping their clients but Lorraine works at doing a great job. Top notch!

Niles Seguin - Actor/Comedian
avatarAttaining an O1 Visa is a difficult, daunting, intimidating process and after consulting with many lawyers about my options I felt even more confused and hopeless until I met with the D'Alessio Law Group. In our first meeting, Lorraine dissected every aspect of my potential case and offered solutions and strategies that gave me hope and encouragement. As a fellow Canadian who's been through this maddening process herself, Lorraine can offer invaluable perspective and insight, but most importantly -- genuine empathy. The D'Alessio Law Group always answered my calls and made me feel like a human being rather than just another case file. I can't wait to work with them again for my green card!

Andrew Burrows-Trotman - Writer/Director/Producer
avatarI'm a video editor from Brazil and, when you really want something, like I wanted to edit movies in the US, you always want the best possible person to assist you. Working with Lorraine, her assistants and partners it's exactly that, for they were always available to me and gave me the support I needed. I am forever grateful for all the patience and assistance they have provided me. To the entire team at DLG immigration, thank you for all your help!

Luiz Schiel - Video Editor
avatarWhen you're shooting a movie and things change and suddenly you're faced with visa issues you need someone who understands the business. Lorraine got me approved in record time and I didn't worry about a thing. If I can sum it up in a word it would be CARE. Lorraine takes a vested interests in her clients immigration goals and she's there every step of the way. Everyone at D'Alessio Law Group knows the entertainment business and the legal industry, it's a perfect combination.

David Hackl - Director Saw 4, Saw 5 and Red Machine
avatarA few Years ago I had a dream. Today I am living it and its such a surreal experience. How do I thank the person who helped me get to this point? There isn’t enough words to express how thankful I am for your assistance and guidance. I am forever grateful and humbled for helping me attain my visa. Thank you for helping me bring my dream into a reality.

Myrosia Palmer - Dancer/Choreographer
avatarMoving to the US was certainly a BIG deal for me. I never thought it was possible and the visa was not obtainable or just too difficult. Boy was I wrong! Lorraine and her team really held my hand and made the whole process simple. I never knew the O-Visa process was going to be my biggest audition and one that prepared me for getting work in the US. Thanks to everyone at D'Alessio Law Group!

Dwayne Hill - Voice Over Actor
avatarMy name is Jamie Watson – I’m an actor from Canada and recently secured my 01 Visa to legally work in the United States.  It was a huge undertaking, achieved through the professional and caring nature of my lawyer – Lorraine D’Alessio.   A daunting process and a life changing one – Lorraine provided the type of council one could only expect from a close friend.  Diligent and thorough in every regard – available to me at all times of the day – Lorraine was the intellectual strength I needed to work my way through such an important move. There are times in your life when you need the leadership of people you trust…and without question Lorraine was that person for me. Quite simply – I could not have done this without my awesome lawyer – Lorraine D’Alessio! With her winning smile and steely-eyed determination – no part of my application was left to chance.  Not only was my application approved –  I’m in tremendous shape for a possible Green Card application down the road. Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about the legal side of your US strategy . . . call Lorraine D’Alessio today!

Jamie Watson - Actor